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The Infinite War

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The Infinite War
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On the 11th of September we entered the age of the Empire. And the Empire has decided to go to war. Many of the links between these two things are yet to be discovered, none of them being immediately evident. But finding them, responding to the whole series of questions jostling to be answered in many people’s minds, overcoming the numbing effect of so many events happening in such rapid succession and placating worries and fears are all things that call for newfound efforts. These questions have to be answered, not just for curiosity’s sake or as a token exercise, but for survival. This new war is not a virtual war: it is very real, very fierce and soon will be very near, even if now it seems far away.

Why have we entered the age of the Empire? What exactly is this Empire? Is it the same as previous empires or different? In what way is it different, if it is? Why has this newly formed Empire decided to go to war? Who is it going to war with? How long will this war last? What happens if it wins? What happens if it loses?


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